My Thoughts on Health & Weight Loss

A kinder way to lose weight and keep it off

Stop counting calories. 3 strategies that actually work

My number one secret to success

Loving food isn't the problem, it's the solution

Is your inner mean girl keeping you fat?

Your amazing brain

What if everything you’ve learned about weight loss was….A LIE!

When sitting down is good for you

What minds do

It's not food

The truth about diets

Don't change what you eat. Change how you THINK!

Change your thinking to change your weight

Rebellion Eating

Is it really possible to lose weight without dieting?

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Hey! I'm Caroline

Dietitian & Eating Psychology Coach

Don't waste your time, destroy your energy levels or mess with your health by going on diets, restricting carbs or counting calories.
Life it to be enjoyed.
I believe you can live life AND manage your weight.
I share my thoughts on how to do so on this blog...

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