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Want to be at your ideal weight and maintain it with little to no effort? 

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And never diet again.
I know how.
I'd love to show you.

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Are you sabotaging YOUR WEIGHT LOSS EFFORTS?

Struggling with your weight may seem like a curse, but it can also be a blessing.
It can be an invitation to understand not only your body, but your mind.

By discovering the reasons you are the weight you are today, the reasons you have been overeating and the patterns that lead to undesired results, you can create a more intimate and energising relationship with yourself and your body.

A happier, healthier life starts with changing how you THINK about food and yourself.

Does this sound familiar?


Has diet after diet left you heavier and less healthy?

When this happens, it's easy to start believing that the problem is you.

  • That reaching your desired weight is impossible.
  • That your body is working against you.
  • And you're considering giving up on weight loss, despite feeling uncomfortable and unhealthy.

The good news is, it's not you. It's your strategy.
And you can change your strategy.

All humans are capable of learning and developing the skills that make weight loss effortless.

And you are no exception.

Meet Caroline

I spent almost two decades trying to “eat less and exercise more,” only to end up frustrated and gaining more weight.

Now I understand how the brain works, I know that the problem wasn’t me. The way we're instructed to lose weight is unhuman and fundamentally incompatible with creating habits that will actually keep weight off forever.

​It's almost two decades since I discovered what actually works, stopped dieting and have effortlessly maintained a healthy weight ever since.

I eat what I want, which is generally a healthy balance. No second guessing or going back and forth in my head. No more worrying about what I should eat, what I just ate and whether it’s going to make me gain weight.

My relationship with food is one of ease and it’s delightful.

What sets me apart from other nutrition gurus?

Credentials & experience

With 18+ years experience as a Dietitian Nutritionist who has successfully helped numerous clients, you can trust the information I provide is not only credible but also tailored to help you achieve realistic and results-oriented goals.

A true love for all food

I believe that what you eat needs to be deeeelicious. My solid cooking background and real food focus means I can teach you how to retrain your taste buds, recalibrate portions naturally and remove cravings for good.

Permanent results 

It’s not enough that I give you information. I want to help you take consistent action so that you get the transformation you desire - whether that be better energy, improving your health, weight loss or all the above. It's all possible.


Proven Outcomes

"I can't say enough about how much this process has affected me. I have lost weight, but the tools I have learned have already and will continue to have a positive effect on the rest of my life."


"I used to lose motivation shortly  after anything I tried. But that's because I was forcing myself to eat foods that left me unsatisfied and do workouts that made me miserable. Thanks to Caroline, these daily struggles have ended. My lifestyle is now one that brings me joy and fulfilment. My healthy habits are now an expression of self-love rather than self-hatred."


"I couldn't sustain my healthy plans long term. I would be successful for a few months, but then I'd fall back and gain more weight than I lost. I now know that I don't need the "right" diet to lose weight. I don't even need willpower. Caroline's approach has made the world of difference. To my health, my weight and my happiness. I can't recommend her and her approach highly enough."



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Meal Planning 101

Unveil the secrets of efficient meal planning with guidance from Accredited Dietitian, ex-cafe owner and ex cooking class presenter.
This course offers practical tips that will streamline your eating habits.

  • ​Take control of your health and know with certainty you're eating well
  • Eliminate the stress of 'what to eat.'
  • Stop spending hours in the kitchen.
  • Tips on how to save money while eating healthily.
  • Suitable for families, couples and singles.
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I'm cooking something up.
​Something deeeelicious!

I've dreamed about doing this for a long time.
Something I'm very excited about...

  • ​this is going to help resolve your biggest struggle...

Are you sabotaging your weight loss efforts?