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It's so lovely to meet you 

After years of struggling with my weight and thinking I'd always have a weight 'problem,' 
I've found a way to enjoy food without sacrificing pleasure, my health OR my waistline. 

It's now my life's mission to free women over 40 from diet culture and overeating through changing the way we engage with food, our bodies and ourselves.

You have the ability to change things, to tap into the power within you, your body wisdom, that guides you with food as it does with life itself.

I'd love to show YOU how to do this.

My story...

It was the 80's, I was a teenager. Everyone was stick thin, except me. I had a belly. It stuck out, I got teased about it. A lot. People poked it and told me to be careful or it would get bigger. I felt terribly self-conscious and embarrassed. I wanted it gone.

So I spent YEARS trying to get rid of this belly through diets and exercise. But it only got bigger and I felt helpless.

It wasn't until I changed my thinking, started listening to my body and eating in alignment with her needs and my values that I found a sense of peace and my weight began to shift.

It’s been well over two decades since I stopped dieting.

I’m 56, post menopause and effortlessly maintain a healthy weight.

I eat what I want, which is generally a healthy balance and do so with ease. No second guessing or going back and forth in my head. No worrying about what I should or shouldn’t eat.

I eat out at restaurants, get take-away and eat with friends or family without ever gaining weight. If I don’t want it, I can say “no” to food offered by others without feeling like I’m missing out or being rude.

I never stress about what I weigh. My clothes always fit, my energy levels are great and I feel fabulous.

I’ve been on both sides. I know what it’s like to restrict and try hard to follow the rules of the latest fad diet. And the suffering and self-loathing that goes along with it.

But I also know what it's like to eat with ease and never stress or worry about your weight. And it's delightful.

​Losing weight isn’t impossible and it should never feel like a battle.

In fact, when given the chance, the body functions as a self-regulating system.

Your body tells you when, what and how much to eat. To achieve and maintain your ideal weight, all you need is to listen to your body most of the time.

​I'd love to help you reconnect with your body's innate intelligence. What I refer to as your "Perfect Gauge."

Want to know more? 

Okay, a little more about me…
My life experience includes:
– running a very busy and successful cafe and catering business for more than 12 years
– studying naturopathy (many many moons ago)
– training as a dietitian at Monash University (one of the top 5 unis in Australia and ranked in the top 50 universities globally) – oh and perhaps another science degree from Monash (I sound like a real geek now!)
– working as a dietitian for more than 18 years
– hypnotherapy training (RTT) with Marisa Peer
– health coach training with IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition)
– eating psychology coach training with The Institute for the Psychology of Eating
– life coach training with The Life Coach School (save your money and just listen to the podcast!)
– writing for Healthy Food Guide magazine
– many of life’s challenges…

And when I’m not cooking, writing or consulting, I can be found…
– walking our gorgeous groodle
- cuddling my Persian cats
– trying to look graceful and not fall over in yoga
– checking out new restaurants with my lovely husband
– travelling overseas and immersing myself in the culture through doing cooking classes
– or enjoying a champagne (preferably French) whilst socialising with friends!

Yes, I used to run a café!
When I was young and had too much energy (in my early 20’s- mid 30’s), I ran a very busy and successful café and catering business in Melbourne, where I was also head cook.
I used this experience combined with my nutrition education and knowledge to run fun, interesting and informative cooking classes in the Inner West in Sydney using easy, replicable healthy recipes for every day use. But due to Covid I stopped.

Read. Watch. Listen.