Are you ready to end cravings for good?

Introducing the Urge Surfing app.
Developed by a Dietitian and Eating Psychology Coach with almost 20 years experience working with clients with food cravings...

An urge is an impulse to satisfy a craving.
It is a feeling and all feelings pass.

Urge Surfing has been shown to...

  • Help you step back from emotions and have more control over your actions
  • Help you observe cravings without reacting to them
  • Help settle your nerves instead of using food to settle them for you
  • Help you manage any overwhelming emotion

Urge surfing is a skill.
​The more you do it, the better you get.
​And food cravings will become a thing of the past.

Hi, I'm Caroline

I've spent nearly 20 years assisting clients with weight loss, which includes almost 2 years working in bariatric surgery.

And I started to see the same pattern over and over. Clients wanting to lose weight and keep it off struggled most when it came to cravings.

They could eat "normally" during the day. But later in the afternoon, or in the evening the cravings would come, they'd give in to them and end up frustrated and annoyed at themselves.

What most people do when they get a craving to eat is try to resist the cravings or distract themselves. Not only does this feel hard, but it's not a long-term strategy.

So I started teaching my clients Urge Surfing with great success. Those who were able to do it were able to rid their cravings in a few short weeks.

I want this approach to be available to anyone seeking help to manage cravings or end emotional eating.
That’s why I developed this app.

The Urge Surfing app is a one time payment of only AUD$12.99

It’s easy to use.
It's with you in the palm of your hand when cravings hit.
It really can put an end to cravings FOR GOOD!

Available on both Apple and Android

How does it work?

Cravings are a habit.
Habits are simply a learned behaviour.
They can be unlearned and the best way to do so is to replace them with a new habit.​

If you are constantly giving into your food cravings, your "go to" food currently has the power over you.
Your brain has locked in a pleasurable feeling with eating a specific food. 
Despite that feeling only being temporary!

Want to undo this habit?

YOU CAN! Just...
Respond differently.
​Choose a different behaviour.
​Like surfing the urge, rather than eating.
​Repeat this new behaviour over and over and it will become your default behaviour.

It can be hard to respond differently in the moment though without support.
Without the app!

That's because for every urge there will be a peak - the highest point of distress. This is when most people give in to their urges. Because in the moment, it's hard to believe that at some point the urge will become less intense.

People often do not experience the passing of an urge because they feed it before it reaches the peak.

If you give in as the urge rises, you will only experience urges as getting stronger and stronger without ever experiencing the reality that urges do pass.

Want to learn more about urge surfing?

Watch this interview I did with dietitian Amanda Clarke from Portion Perfection.
​I walk through the process of urge surfing and you get a sneak peak of the app too!


Don't know if what you're experiencing is emotional or physical hunger?

"Between stimulus and response there is a space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom."     
~Viktor E. Frankl

But when it comes to eating, we don't allow this space. We react immediately and eat!
Urge surfing can help you create this space.
It can give you the time to discover if it is emotional or physical hunger.
It can give you the space to CHOOSE how you want to respond.

It really is an incredibly simple, yet highly effective technique.

Don't use willpower. Try surfing. 🏄‍♀️
No surfboard required!
Just like a wave builds in intensity and then diminishes, so does the urge to eat.
Take a few minutes to ride the urge wave.
You'll be amazed by what can happen in just a few minutes. ⏳🌊