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You’re having a shit day at work, so you grab pizza for lunch
Rather than eating the lunch you packed.

When you feel flat in the afternoon, you grab some chocolate to ‘pick you up.’
Which sort of helps.

You get home from work feeling exhausted, notice you’re craving creamy pasta,
And eat a large bowl of it.
After all, it’s your favourite comfort food.

But you also want to lose some weight.

You’re tired of feeling fat and flabby.
So what do you do?
Decide to eat less…
Perhaps you make a plan of what to do – to follow.
But you struggle to follow it.
The cravings and urges to eat all the things you’re trying not to
Are so intense, so overwhelming
You eventually give in. And give up.

You start thinking, ‘What’s wrong with me.’
‘Why don’t I have more self-control, or willpower?’
But self-control and willpower aren’t actually what you need.

You’re using food as the answer to everything.
But if food fixes everything in your life and it’s suddenly removed,
What do you do?

You end up feeling deprived, like you’re missing out.
Or like you're addicted since you ache for it. Desperately.

But food isn’t really the answer to everything.
It’s a temporary fix at best.

And as long as food is your mechanism for coping
You’ll spend a lot of time and mental energy trying to sort out your food ‘issues.’
The addictions, the loss of control, the deprivation.
And you'll have no energy left to address the actual problem.

The saddest part of this is...
You'll stay stuck in the limbo of not getting what you want and deserve:
A life you love AND a body you feel amazing in.

It makes better sense to sort out what’s driving you to overeat.
So you no longer have the desire to do it.
Not only will life be more enjoyable,
Getting to and staying at your ideal weight will be effortless.

If you are ready to make real change, find the body you were born to live in
And say goodbye to dieting and restriction forever
Get in touch.
I've done this work myself and am so grateful that I did.
​I’d love to help you too.

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I believe you can live life AND manage your weight.

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