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Dieting may seem like a good idea
Until you’re 20, 30 or even 40 years in.
You’ve tried every diet on offer
Followed them exactly
Yet you still don’t have the results you want.
In fact you’re now at your heaviest.

You could scratch your head and think this dieting thing is a con!
But what most people do
Is blame themselves.

“The diet worked, why can’t I stick to it?”
“If I’d just worked harder.”
"If I only had more willpower."

Thing is, diets are designed to fail.
They work directly against human nature.
They tell you what to eat.
But who gets told what to eat?

You’re a grown, intelligent woman.
Who is old enough and wise enough,
To know what to eat.

But that’s actually not the problem.
After all I'm sure you already know WHAT to eat.
What you need to know is WHY.

Why you eat what you do,
When you do
And as much as you do.

Perhaps there’s just one reason.
Or there could be a multitude of them.

But once you discover why
And resolve that,
The food choices you make
And any overeating you do often correct themselves.

The WHY usually sorts itself out.
Because there’s no longer an internal drive
To want to DO it.

If you’d like some help resolving WHY you head
For the pantry or fridge.
So you can get off the fad diet ‘band-aid’ hamster wheel for good,

Get in touch.
​I’d love to help.

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