The truth about weight loss

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The truth about weight loss

When we think about losing weight
We think about what we need to do.
Eat less, move more.

There’s an $80 billion industry telling us THIS is the way to do it.
And due to all the noise, there isn’t much chance to explore anything else.

What if I told you that WHAT you weigh has a lot less to do with WHAT you eat
And a lot more to do with WHY you’re eating.

So often we find ourselves consuming food
When we’re actually hungry for something else.
But when we don't realise that this is what we're doing
We simply default to doing what we know.
And eat.

After all, we immediately feel better.
Albeit temporarily.

And it's temporary because it doesn’t fix the ACTUAL problem
Instead we’re left with the problem that drove us to eat
Along with the aftermath of overeating.

Losing weight through force and restriction, which is what we’re told to do
Is difficult, stressful and never permanent.
You’ll gain it back.
Unless you discover the reasons WHY you overeat
And resolve those.

But when you do,
The physical weight often sorts itself out.
Any weight loss happens "naturally" and will be permanent.

You don’t need more willpower
Or super human strength to continue to say no.
To fight and struggle against what seems to be a losing battle.

When you find what you’re truly hungry for
And satisfy that
The urge to eat more than you need, loses its power.
And, it's delightful when that happens!

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