We love it. We hate it.
We use it to celebrate and commiserate.
We overeat
Then feel riddled with shame and guilt.

Uneasy and uncertain in our body
The thought of weight gain overwhelms us,
Drives us to restrict
So we under-eat.
Hoping for an instant change
To right our ‘wrongdoings.’

But then our survival instincts kick in.
Driven by fear of deprivation
That there won’t be ‘enough,’
That our basic needs won’t be met,
Our hunger can become insatiable.

And we start to feel like food controls us.

Like we can’t stop ourselves,
No matter how hard we try.

Ironically the very thing we tried to control
Is now controlling us.⠀

But food is just food.
It sits there minding it’s own business until we have a thought about it:
“I want that.”
“That’s so delicious.”
“What if I won’t get it again?” or
“I don’t know when I’ll get it again.”

These thoughts cause our insatiable desire.

But underneath it all is the fact that often when we're eating
We're actually hungry for something else.
Not food.

We use food to numb, avoid and distract
When we’re busy, stressed and overwhelmed.
When we’re lacking time, energy or mental capacity.
We use it to perk ourselves up, to distract from tiredness.
Or help us procrastinate.

Sound familiar?
Do you eat food when you’re not really hungry?
If so, do you know what your hunger is really for?

Trying to not eat,
Fight these non-food hungers with willpower,
Is exhausting and ultimately a battle you’ll struggle to win.

When you recognise the reasons WHY you overeat
And take care of them
The cravings and urges to overeat actually go away.

I know how this works first hand
These struggles are no longer a part of my life
Or who I am today.
In fact they’re so far removed from my relationship with food now.

My issues with emotional eating and weight no longer define me
No longer exist, but they did.

Everything changed when I found what I was truly hungry for
And fed my soul that instead.

If you’d like to improve the way you think, feel and relate to food
If you’d like overeating or emotional eating to no longer be a part of your life
If you’re ready to find out what you’re really hungry for,
​Get in touch and let's figure it out together.

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