You Can Stop Overeating

End Cravings & Food Drama

Find Freedom & Peace in your Relationship with Food


Do you want to stop overeating?

I know how.

I will teach you.

What if you could... 

Stop fighting with yourself

Stop feeling out of control around food

Stop being so focused on food and how much you eat

Stop feeling compelled to eat at times, even when you've decided ahead of time not to, or when you know you're not hungry

Stop feeling like you need more willpower

Stop feeling like you're powerless around food - or like food controls you

Solve this problem so you can get to work on living the life you want?

Well, you can!

Instead of struggling on your own for years, let's do this together just in a few weeks!

Yep, in just 6 short weeks your desire to overeat can be gone!

Not only can this course turn things around for you quickly, but the results will be permanent.

That's because it's designed to treat the cause of why you overeat.

Understanding why you're overeating addresses the problem at the source. No longer will you need to use willpower or diets to 'control' yourself.

Diets don't work anyway. They just encourage feelings of deprivation and restriction and before you know it, you're back overeating, AGAIN!

Enroll in You Can Stop Overeating And You Will...

 - Understand why you overeat

 - Know how to put an end to the cravings

 - Free yourself from all the food drama

 - Finally feel at peace around food

 - Reduce/eliminate desire so you can achieve your natural weight

 - Learn how to manage your mind so you can create the results you want

 - Finally put this issue to rest so you can use all that energy to make your life A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!


This course will change the game forever!

What Other Women Like You Are Saying...


"This course really opened my eyes to what was really going on for me. I've learned how to trust myself and no longer restrict. I no longer want to overeat which feels surreal for me. I know when I've had enough and can stop. Easily. No willpower needed. Caroline's method really does work!"


- Sarah


"I'm generally a healthy eater but would also often emotionally eat - even when I was happy. But then came the blame, shame and guilt. I now have a better way to manage how I feel and am so grateful to Caroline for helping me break free from what felt like an addiction and giving me my life back."


- Carrie


"I was always on a diet but didn't realise. I just thought I was an 'all or nothing' person. But Caroline showed me how I was creating this for myself. I now have a healthy balance and have lost weight as a result. All from just changing my habits and no longer overeating. I'm certainly not on a diet anymore!"


 - Maria

What you'll learn...

Why You Overeat

We start by looking at what's really going on. How the human body is designed to overeat - that's actually how our ancestors survived!

How To Stop

How to honour your hunger and crush cravings for good! I have a proven method I will teach you that will stop overeating in it's tracks!

Food Freedom

Stop worrying about food, nourish yourself with confidence, enjoy foods you love and manage your weight so you can 100% focus on your amazing life.

What You Get...


A permanent fix because if you can figure out why you’re overeating and solve that dilemma then you don’t have to be in a constant struggle against yourself.

You'll stop using food as a distraction or to deal with uncomfortable feelings like stress, boredom and anxiety. You'll put an end to any obsessive thoughts around food.

You won’t have to use willpower, you don’t have to use resistance against yourself because you aren’t fighting the symptoms, you’ve treated the cause.

Each weekly class includes video and worksheets — homework to help you apply what you're learning!

My promise? You will be informed & entertained. You will never be bored. You will finally understand why you're overeating.

Most importantly: You will see results.

Yes, I Want In!

Who Is Your Course Instructor...

I'm Caroline, a Dietitian, Life & Weight Coach who specialises in helping women get off the dieting rollercoaster (or roundabout) and finally lose weight for good.

Over the years, I have owned and run a successful café and catering business, worked as a dietitian (for more than 16 years), hosted cooking classes, upskilled in hypnotherapy, health coaching and eating psychology.

But more recently I've been building a strong track record as a life and weight coach helping clients create a relationship with food and themselves they love.

"I used to overeat when I got upset but felt so powerless. I knew it just compounded things as not only was the original problem still there, but I would then feel uncomfortable and bloated. Plus I felt terrible about eating so much AND the weight gain. Thank goodness I can say that's all in the past now." - Karen

How Do I Join?