Stop Caving To Cravings




Want to stop caving to cravings?

I know how

I can teach you

Are You Generally A Healthy Eater...

But there are times when you feel powerless around food?

Like food has control over you...

And you simply must eat it?

Then this mini-course is for YOU!

Due to popular demand from clients I have decided to release Week Three from my 'You Can Stop Overeating' Course as a stand-alone mini-course.

This mini course is for you if you eat well and just want to stop caving to those damn, pesky cravings...

The ones that from time to time compel you to eat - and you don't understand why - or how to stop!

Whereas 'You Can Stop Overeating' provides a much deeper dive and is for those of you who feel out of control around food, like food controls you and you find it hard to focus on much else in your life other than when, what and how you are eating. Click here for more details about Stop Overeating. Otherwise, read on....

Learn how to crush cravings for good!

I have a proven method I will teach you that will stop those pesky cravings in their tracks!

What You Get...

A permanent fix because if you can figure out why you’re overeating and solve that dilemma then you don’t have to be in a constant struggle against yourself.

You won’t have to use willpower, you don’t have to use resistance against yourself because you aren’t fighting the symptoms, you’ve treated the cause.

This mini-course includes 7 videos and a workbook to help you apply what you're learning!

This is a self-study course that you do at your own pace so that you can finally get to the bottom of what is driving the habit - the desire and decision to eat. Because if you can't see what's driving the habit, you can't change it.

This course will change everything for you as it approaches your desire - your habit from a completely different perspective. It will empower you to start to manage your own mind.

You will understand how to supervise your own mind and get mastery over the urge and desire to eat.

My promise? You will be informed & entertained. You will never be bored. You will finally understand why you have cravings.

Most importantly: Do the work and the cravings will stop.

If you've tried everything to change and nothing is working...

If you're sick of feeling deprived and like you're missing out...

If you are ready to get rid of that incessant self-critic who is always beating you up...

Then this is the course for you.

I Want In!

Who Is Your Course Instructor...

I'm Caroline, a Dietitian, Life & Weight Coach who specialises in helping women get off the dieting rollercoaster (or roundabout) and finally lose weight for good.

Over the years, I have owned and run a successful café and catering business, worked as a dietitian (for almost 20 years), hosted cooking classes, upskilled in hypnotherapy, health coaching and eating psychology.

But more recently I've been building a strong track record as a life and weight coach helping clients create a relationship with food and themselves they love.

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This Seven-Part course is designed to be completed in about one hour if you are intense and like to dive in.

But if you prefer, you can take this course in seven days, seven weeks, or even seven months to give yourself time to fully absorb what it teaches.

And don’t worry!

You will have one year access and notifications of any updates and add-ons.

All for just AUS $199

Ready to Stop Caving To Cravings?

Let’s do this!