Private Clients

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You have unique needs and goals, which is why I provide a range of support options tailored to your desired outcomes.

The duration of these packages varies to best serve your specific objectives.

All packages include weekly (or fortnightly) calls, unlimited weekday support, along with options for hypnotherapy or personalised subconscious reprogramming recordings to support our work together.

While you may be wanting a quick fix, permanent change takes time.

Packages vary from 3 months ($3,000AUD) to a year ($8,000AUD) or more.
Note that payments can be made monthly.

The best thing to do is book a call with me and we can discuss what you are looking for.

Click on the button to schedule a free 15 min call.
I look forward to speaking with you soon.


p.s. I sometimes offer one off consults as sometimes that's all a client needs, especially when we include hypnotherapy.
So it's best to book a call so we can discuss if this is a suitable option for you.