Conscious Eating Challenge...



Get Back In Control Of Your Eating Experience.
Enjoy Your Food More & Naturally Eat Less.

Being present. Taking your time. Being aware of how you’re feeling - both physically and emotionally. These things make a difference in how much you’ll eat, how much you enjoy what you’ve eaten, and whether or not you’ll feel satisfied..

The problem...

When it comes to eating, too many of us get caught up in distractions and obligations that pull our focus away from enjoying and savouring our food.
Many of us multitask while eating. We eat in front of the TV, or glued to our phones or computer.
Eating is not meant to be a mindless activity; something we do on autopilot.

The solution...

Become a conscious eater!

Here's what you can expect from becoming a more conscious eater...

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I'd love to tell you.

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Embrace the power of conscious eating.

​Scientists estimate that up to 95 percent of our daily food choices are the result of habitual, automatic reactions.
NOT a conscious choice.

By bringing awareness to when you eat, you can start to make more conscious decisions, rather than continuing to fall back into habitual patterns such as eating foods you'd rather not, eating when you're not hungry and overeating.

While Conscious Eating seems like a simple idea it's not so easy to implement.
That's why I put this challenge together.

During the Conscious Eating Challenge, you'll be guided through the five most important steps you need to help you become a more conscious eater.

With so many things competing for our attention these days, rarely are we aware of the present moment. And rarely do we pay attention while we're eating.

When we're not paying attention, we tend to miss a lot of things like what we're putting into our mouth, how full we're getting and whether we even like what it is we're eating!

​Conscious eating will help you pay attention when eating so you'll enjoy food more and more easily eat the amount that's right for you.

The conscious eating challenge can help you become a more conscious eater.

Starting Monday, you'll get an email each day with your daily action.
It will include a short video walking you through what to do and the most common obstacles.
By the end of the challenge on Friday, you’ll have a solid foundation to create a life-long conscious eating habit.

If you’ve been wanting to improve how you eat, then the Conscious Eating Challenge is perfect for you.
​Best of all, it's free :)


During This 5-Day Challenge is...

Caroline Trickey

Dietitian, Eating Psychology Coach & Conscious Eater

Caroline, a seasoned dietitian, eating psychology coach and advocate of conscious eating, brings nearly two decades of experience to the table.

Having guided countless clients to break free from the perpetual cycle of dieting and achieve long-lasting weight loss success, Caroline emphasises the importance of tuning into our body's natural cues. She says:

"Conscious eating can help you reconnect to your body so you can better notice it's feedback and use that to guide you to your ideal weight. 

It's a much kinder approach than telling yourself to eat 'this many carbs or calories.' It's about being more aware and truly noticing the eating experience. Research shows that focusing on the eating experience has a bigger impact on the satisfaction from a meal, than the number of calories it contains!" 

Are you ready to improve your eating experience?
All you need is an open mind and a willingness to try something new!

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  •       How is conscious eating different from mindful eating?

Conscious eating and mindful eating are quite similar, but conscious eating is simpler. Mindful eating involves additional considerations like the origin of your food, ethical concerns and whether what you're eating is healthy or not. Acquiring the skill of mindful eating takes time and dedication, which I find many people don't have the time or patience for. Therefore, I focus on teaching Conscious Eating to my clients. 

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  •        What if 5 days isn't enough?

5 days aren't enough to establish a new habit, but they do serve as an excellent starting point. Throughout this challenge, you will acquire crucial steps to incorporate into your routine. Consistent practice after the challenge will solidify these steps into habits. Contrary to the popular belief of a 2-week habit-forming timeline, it actually takes anywhere from 60 to 256 days to establish a new habit. Around the two-month mark, you'll likely find that Conscious Eating is a lot more familiar and requires much less conscious effort. 

  •        What do I eat during the challenge?

During this challenge, I recommend focusing on the challenge itself rather than changing what you currently eat as well.
Many participants naturally discover food preferences or reactions they were previously unaware of while dedicating themselves to the challenge. This self-discovery often serves as a better compass and more compelling motivator to adjust your eating habits than simply telling yourself to do so!