Why We Give Up

feelings thoughts weight loss Dec 25, 2021

Does this sound familiar?

You decide to start a weight loss program.

You're super excited. It's going to be the thing that finally works. The weight is going to be gone soon. You'll fit into all your old clothes.


You're full of motivation and determined to succeed. You get started and are doing really well. Then something happens. 

And your desire to pursue your weight loss goal just....sort of........fizzles...........out.

You tell yourself you failed. That you just don't have it in you to make it work.

But what actually happened is.....

You Gave Up.

And when you know how your brain works, it's easy to understand why. 

Giving up is different from making a conscious decision to no longer follow through on something; when you weigh up the pros and cons and decide something isn't working. Giving up is when you stop trying. When you consciously stop going after that thing.

And it's no wonder that giving up is a pretty common thing that we humans do.

You see your brain is designed to conserve energy. To do what's easy. To do the minimum to help keep you alive. Your brain thinks it needs to do this in case there's a crisis and you need that energy to get out of harms way and not die.

Your brain also doesn't like new and different. It wants to keep doing what it's always done. What's helping you get your current results. Even if those results suck! So it's always going to do it's best to pull you back. It's like...don't worry, don't bother, we're still alive, everything's good, let's just keep doing what we know. Combine that with the abundant sources of instant gratification available in our modern world and it’s no wonder that change feels so hard. So difficult. It's much easier to give up.

But all of these messages are coming from your primitive brain. Your habit brain.

You’re not weak or bad. You don't need more self-discipline or willpower. So stop beating yourself up and calling yourself a failure.

You just need to understand what's going on. With compassion.

We are a society and a culture of immediate gratification.

This is not your fault. (I refer to this as McDonalds mentality as they've trained us to expect to get whatever you want to eat, the minute you walk through their door!)

The problem is that the things that we genuinely want to achieve usually aren’t things that we can get immediately. They don't provide instant gratification. They take time and effort.

How would you feel if you achieved your weight loss goal?  

A true, long lasting sense of accomplishment? Pride? Joy? 

All of the things that come along with big, 'stretchy' goals take some time.

It takes time to figure things out, to become the version of yourself that can create such results in your life.

Your brain can change through a process called neuroplasticity. But this doesn't happen instantaneously.

Your brain can't change at the speed of fast food.

It can only change at the speed of a human being. Of an evolving human being.

Allow yourself that time.


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