Why Is My Weight Loss So Damn Slow?

coaching feelings weight loss Dec 18, 2021

Most people want the quick fix.

Many clients contact me wanting to have some coaching sessions and be slim instantly.

But my process is not quick or instant.

This is why people find restrictive diets so tempting. When they follow them religiously, they lose weight quickly. They see the scale move down and get some relief from how they currently feel.

This desire for instant results can also happen when a client hits a plateau. They want me to tell them exactly what to do so the scales start moving again. And, although I think it’s good to stop and review what you’re doing from time to time, I do not think it’s a good idea to resort to quick fixes.

We are a culture lacking in patience. We start something and expect that we should get the result and we want the result right now. We’re not willing to wait for the time it takes to achieve anything worthwhile.

Slow weight loss is permanent weight loss. It isn’t exciting or glamorous or instant.

The upside is that it doesn’t provide the drama of regaining it all back, often with a bit extra and feeling totally defeated. I will tell you that this is so hard to watch and why I became a life coach.

Sometimes clients insist on restricting their intake just so they can lose weight quickly, which by the way, is mostly water weight. I silently watch as they get excited seeing the scale moving down. And no matter how much I try to soften the blow by encouraging them to listen more closely to their body and have a healthier balance, the excitement of a few kilos down on the scale temporarily wins.

I wait patiently for them to get past this stage of desperation and restriction. And then sometimes I watch them regain some weight because they can no longer stay so restrictive with their food, they give in and eat. It’s challenging to listen to my client’s hopes decline as the scale numbers go back up. I know how that feels and it’s a difficult thing to watch.

But that is when the real work can begin.

When you give up looking for a silver bullet you can discover that you already have what it takes to be slimmer. What you’ve been looking for all along. It’s inside of you. It just takes you to stop. Look. Pay attention. To look at why you do what you do rather than just focusing on what to do.

Most importantly, when you do this work, you’ll learn that you don’t have to wait to be slimmer to feel good. You don’t have to wait for the scale to go down to smile. You can feel at ease in your body now.

The results that can be instant and fast are in how you feel. By learning how to change your thoughts and feelings, you can have the instant result of feeling better within your body, at the weight you are now. When you do this work and feel better now, you won’t be in such a hurry to lose weight.

You will find that you have the patience to do it right, so it can be long lasting and no longer a struggle.

Being lighter begins on the inside and radiates out. It’s a feeling first and a manifestation next.

When you lose weight in a kind, gentle and self-realising way it will be permanent. You won't gain it back. And you’ll have the rest of your life to enjoy being slim.

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