Why I Don't Focus On Your Weight

beliefs change diets don't work thoughts weight loss Dec 11, 2021

Most of my clients are in a hurry.

They want to be slimmer. They want the extra fat off their body yesterday.

They want me to tell them what to do. Exactly what to do, so they can just follow it and get to their desired weight as fast as possible.

They want me to tell them the secret that's going to help melt the fat off their body. They want me to take their desire to eat away. 

Some want me to weigh them every week to check on their progress. Others want me to hold them accountable for staying on track and telling them off when they overeat.

But this is symptom work.

What do I mean by that?

Being overweight is the symptom of a deeper issue.

The weight is the effect. The result of the thinking that caused it.

To focus on and talk about the symptom and how to alleviate the symptom without addressing the cause is a waste of their time.

If you want to focus solely on the symptom, that's what diets do. They'll help you change what you do. What they don't do is help you understand WHY you do what you do.

Once the diet ends, if you don't dig deeper, if you don't explore the why, you'll just go back to your old ways. You'll gain the weight back. And then some.

Which is heart-breaking.

You're so much better than this.


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