What If You Didn't Give Up?

beliefs Sep 25, 2021

Jemma (not real name) is one of my all time favourite clients.

She is one of the kindest and loveliest people I've met and we always have a good laugh together.

But when she first started seeing me she'd lose and regain the same 20-25kg several times over.

Fast forward 2 years and she's now let go of those 25kg along with 10 more and still going.

But what if she had given up?

She could have given up. Most people do. For some reason, she didn’t.

What about you?

What will happen if you give up? (I know you’ve thought about it. Everybody does.)

What will happen if you give up on your dream of living in a lighter body?

How will you feel if you walk away?

How will you feel if you don’t?

If there’s one thing that is “universally true” about humanity, it's that we tend to give up far too quickly and too easily. We don’t like hard work. We lack patience. We do everything in our power to avoid rejection, disappointment and humiliation. We don’t like to feel emotions that are not “fun” to feel. It’s easier to give up. So we do.

But what if you didn’t?

What if you chose to be one of the few — one of the very few — who keeps going?

Who knows where you could be — what you could be enjoying, doing, creating, savouring — five, ten, or fifteen years down the road, if you can just find the grit in your heart to keep going?

It’s your call.

You can quit right now. Stop planning. Eat whatever. Forget about exercising. Tell yourself it's too hard, too much of a struggle. Fuck it.

Or you can decide that following that persistent longing in your heart — the longing to be the healthiest version of you, to feel amazing in your body each and every day — is worth just a little more patience.

You can give up.

Or you can decide that your journey is not over.


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