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Do you spend your time counting calories?
Or spend your calories doing things that count?

Every day in clinic I meet people who want to know how many calories they "should" be eating so they can lose weight.

Let’s face it – crunching numbers - whether its for calories or macros - can be tedious and time consuming. Plus it takes the joy out of eating!

My advice?
Focus on behaviours (what you DO) rather than calories. 
This engages you in the process instead of the outcome. Leading to greater satisfaction, less obsession and more free time!

Here are three behaviours that if you nail down, will eliminate the need for counting:

1. Plan meals in advance. I ideally like to do this on the weekend. Then shop and do some minimal prep to cut down cooking time during your time poor week. And stick to the plan. No matter what that instant gratification monkey in your head tells you. Stick with it!!

2. Make sure that half of your meal at lunch and dinner EVERY DAY is veggies or salad. Not just because you need to eat that much veg to be healthy (5-6 serves a day), but because it bulks up your meal and helps fill you up. Don't overthink and complicate this. For example, it's May in Australia currently. When the weather is cooler, I like to make big pots of soup that are full to brimming with veggies. Simple!

3. S-L-O-W  D-O-W-N! Ideally during other parts of your day too, but definitely when you eat. Put your food on a plate and sit at the table. Don't eat at your desk in front of the computer or on the lounge in front of the t.v. Too many of us eat too fast and eat while doing other things. Single task your eating. Notice what it is you're eating. You're sure to enjoy your meals more and may even discover you don't need to finish everything on your plate!

Now which one of these three strategies are you going to implement right now? TODAY?

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