What if everything you’ve learned about weight loss was….A LIE!

Blog/What if everything you’ve learned about weight loss was….A LIE!

When it comes to weight loss, you've likely tried 'everything.'
From diets to challenges and even medications like Ozempic, yet you still weigh more than you want.

Instead, you're left feeling frustrated, annoyed and like it's never going to happen.

We're in an age of information overload.

Anything we want to know about health, nutrition and weight loss is available within seconds at our fingertips.
Yet despite all this information, 99.9% of individuals who succeed at shedding weight end up regaining it, often with additional kilos (or pounds), within a year of stopping their weight loss efforts.

Why is this?

Because everybody overlooks the most fundamental part of the change process...

The focus tends to be on managing macros, calories, portion sizes and eating styles.
There's no consideration given to the brain.

Yet our brains control everything. Yes, EVERYTHING.

Your brain is responsible for everything that's going on in your body without you deliberately having to think about it. Every bodily function, from respiration to digestion to metabolism, operates under the brain's guidance.

So when it comes to lasting change, doesn't it make better sense to align our efforts with how the brain functions rather than fight it?
Yet fighting it is what we do.

After all it's what's commonly advised by conventional wisdom which emphasises willpower, self-control and discipline.

The brain thrives on habits.
Novel decisions or behaviours, such as those required when following the latest fad diet or lifestyle plan as they're often now called, require a substantial amount of mental energy.
This quickly depletes glucose stores in your brain and causes decision fatigue.

Decision fatigue refers to the idea that making a lot of decisions can result in mental exhaustion and a reduced ability to make effective choices as we go through our day.

This explains why you can eat healthily at breakfast and during the day, but struggle to muster the energy to cook dinner after a long day at work. Your willpower was all used up earlier in the day, there's none left and you end up grabbing something quick and easy (like take-away!).

After all, we all know that vegetables like broccoli are healthier than indulging in cookies, but the reality remains. Cookies are delicious, you still want to eat them.
A tired, fatigued brain will find it much easier to just grab the cookie!

While having an understanding of nutrition is important, it's just one piece of a much larger puzzle.

A weight loss program that merely dictates what foods to eat without addressing the underlying reasons behind your food choices will not provide sustainable results. Plus it's hard work!

The true key lies in understanding WHY you eat the way you do.
When you know this, you can then use this awareness to help you make the relevant changes to your current habits. And the behaviours you're trying to control, will fall away.

Ultimately, weight loss starts in your brain, not on your plate.

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