Weight Loss - Could You Be Looking At It The Wrong Way?

non diet thoughts weight loss Jul 10, 2021

Jackie is a highly successful business woman who was bamboozled and frustrated by her weight and weight loss efforts when she first came to see me. Time and time again she’d work herself up, get herself mentally ready, start the diet and the exercise regime, lose weight, be almost at her goal, or a few times actually get to her goal and stay there for a while, but then she’d do something to sabotage her success and end up putting all the weight back on again.

She couldn’t comprehend why she did this. She was so confused.

At our first appointment she explained how she’d done all the things that she was “supposed” to do but something was wrong or perhaps she was broken. After all it wasn’t working and she was now the heaviest she’d ever been. And she isn’t alone. 

Over my years as a dietitian, I’ve met many hundreds of people struggling in a very similar way with their weight. I didn’t learn about this at uni, so wanted to understand what was going on. That’s what lead me to study the mind. And it was this research that helped me realise that most people’s focus is in the wrong direction.

You see when someone wants to lose weight, what do they do? They focus on how.

Their entire focus is on the strategy of how to get there. Usually that involves what to eat and how much exercise to do. And that’s exactly what Jackie did. She even had a formula that worked for her. But as it turns out this strategy wasn’t permanent.

While her diet and exercise regime provided her with a logical way to lose weight, humans are not always logical. In fact, we’re complex physical and emotional beings. At an intellectual level we know what’s healthy to eat and what isn’t. We know that eating well and exercising regularly can help us get rid of excess weight. But then we feel tired, stressed, bored or angry. Our emotions override our actions and all of our best intentions go out of the window. And let’s face it, who has an entirely stress-free life in this day and age?

How that shows up is you’re able to do the new behaviours for a bit, maybe even quite a while. But then something happens, your emotions take over and you fall back into old patterns. The old mindset and conditioning that helped you put the weight on in the first place. And that’s what needs to change. If you’re like most people, it’s your programming that’s holding you back.

Not even the best healthy eating or exercise plan stands a chance if this programming doesn’t change.

Your level of success is a direct result of the way your brain has been programmed. Programs that you're unaware of as they're stored in your subconscious mind. Your underlying programming affects the million little choices and decisions you make each and every day, that all add up to you playing out the exact script of your beliefs. 

We all have unsupportive habits and negative beliefs. Unsupportive ways of thinking about ourselves. If you weigh more that you want, your belief is you're meant to be that way. You see, beliefs don't always align with what your conscious mind wants!

To change, you need to let go of that inner overweight image of yourself. You want to replace any unhelpful beliefs with helpful ones. With ones which have you loving and appreciating yourself and your body. Beliefs that have you treating yourself well and only ever wanting to take the best care of yourself.

And while this work isn’t easy, it has an ongoing ripple effect. Having the right mindset is not only fundamental to success with slimming down, but can also benefit all other areas of your life. Without this inner mind shift, any good results you get will only ever be temporary.

So it’s time to focus more on your mindset and beliefs rather than gather more information about what you probably already know to do. Stop for a minute and check in to see if you can notice any of your beliefs about your eating habits, food, health or body.

Perhaps you believe that losing weight is hard and stressful or that being slim is no fun since you have to always be on a diet. Perhaps you believe that you’re big boned or lazy, have a slow metabolism or like Jackie, you don’t deserve to be slimmer or get to your ideal weight.

It’s absolutely vital that you update your beliefs so they can support your weight loss goals instead of holding you back. This is actually the most important, foundational stage when it comes to slimming down. When it comes to ending the frustrating cycle of loss and regain that most people are trapped in and start to reprogram yourself to have a permanently slimmer body.

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