That's Just What Minds Do

beliefs change coaching life coach thoughts Oct 02, 2021

After almost 20 years working a dietitian, doing thousands of private coaching sessions, listening to my clients various trials and tribulations, I noticed something interesting.

That fundamentally, we’re all the same.

While our experiences are all very different, the exact details of our lives are all so different, yet underneath our stories and opinions, we all work in the exact same way.

We all have a mind that chatters away all day long directing what we do, how we do it and deciding how we experience the world.

That's right - our mind is telling us what to think, feel and do - and most of the time we aren't aware that this is what's happening.

I see this play out most often in the realm of food and weight. Especially when it comes to losing weight. Clients start on a regime, they're so excited by the prospect of being a slimmer version of themselves, off they go for a while, then something happens.

Something always happens and they stop.

But what's actually happening is your mind. Your mind starts to offer you all sorts of explanations and reasons why what you're doing isn't going to work or its all too hard or it's not fair and after all, you've done it all before and it never lasted anyway. So you may as well quit now. And we do. Despite how well-intentioned we were at the start!⁠

This is just what the mind does.

You see, your mind doesn't like change.⁠ Your mind likes everything to be the same.

So it resists and that's why change feels so uncomfortable.

Your mind offers up all the doubt and negative self-talk⁠. And we buy into it. We believe it, since its coming from our mind so it must be true, right? (err, no!)

So you quit.

And when you quit⁠, all of this discomfort goes⁠ away and you get immediate relief.

But then in a short while you start to realise that nothing has changed and actually, that's not so comfortable either.

This is why working with a coach is so valuable⁠. A coach can help you through those times when you want to quit⁠. When it all gets too hard and you want to give up⁠.
As the stops and starts on the way to your goal is what makes the journey so long and tiresome.⁠

A coach can help you see that what you think, feel and do doesn’t mean anything about who you are or what you are capable of. As we all can achieve anything we believe and commit to working towards.

And with a coach by your side, who knows what you're capable of!


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