What If You Stopped Trying?

feelings non diet weight loss words Jul 24, 2021

What would happen if you stopped trying to lose weight?

Ok. Yes. Read that again. I did say stop trying to lose weight. But I’m not actually saying that you shouldn’t lose weight if that’s what you want. What I want you to focus on here is the word ‘trying.’

What I’m actually saying is, what if you stopped ‘trying’ and just did it?

Please stay with me while I explain.

I want you to stop and think about it. What does ‘trying’ even mean?

Trying something is not the same as doing something. You may feel like I’m nit-picking here, but this is why it's important. As you will know from reading my previous blog posts, everything you do is fuelled by how you feel.

So I want you to notice how you feel when you say the following…

‘I’m trying to get this done.’

‘I’m trying to do that.’

‘I’m trying to lose weight.’

There is something about trying that feels hard. And endless. Not at all motivating. And no wonder when you discover the definition of trying is ‘difficult or annoying; hard to endure.’

If you want to lose weight, you have to get on and do the work. You need to take the necessary actions that will create that result. In order to take action, you need to really want to do it. You need to feel motivated to do so. And you certainly don’t want to get in your own damn way. But ‘try’ or ‘trying’ could do exactly that!

So which statement is more compelling?

“I will try to do that” or “I will do that.”

Think about how each of those sentences drives a different level of motivation.

Words are powerful. 

What you say absolutely influences how you feel and what you do – what actions you’re willing to take or don’t take.

Consider this…

What are you ‘trying’ to do right now that isn’t working?

What if you just did it instead?

What do you think would happen if you avoided using the words try or trying for one whole week?

Do you think your actions may change?

I recon it’s worth giving this a go. How about it?

If you are tired of trying and not getting anywhere with your weight loss efforts, I can help.

What would you like help with?

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