One Year From Now...

Dec 05, 2021

One year from now

Are you going to wish... 

You'd done something different?

You'd started sooner?

You'd figured it out?

You'd found your way?

You'd made a few small changes that with time had made a difference, rather than trying yet another detox, bootcamp or diet craze that left you feeling fat, sad and disappointed in yourself?

You'd chosen the slow, gentle and permanent path instead of the fast, temporary and ineffective one?

You'd found someone to support you on your journey?

365 days from today, you are going to be one year older. Thats the unavoidable truth.
Whether your life is the same, different or better, that’s up to you.
It’s never too late to start something new. To make a change.
It’s never too late to choose what would truly light you up, over your current fear.
It’s never too late to say, “I am ready to start treating my life and my body, with the respect we deserve.”
Never too late to starting creating the body you desire.
But one year from now...
You are going to wish you had started today.

So I have an exercise for you to do...

You’re going to write me an email about everything you’ve experienced and accomplished over the past 12 months. But here’s the twist: it’s not December 5, 2021. It’s December 5, 2022.

That’s right. You are going to send me a recap of your amazing year — but it's one year in the future. All that you've created, all that you've let go of and all that you've allowed into your life, that's what I want to know.

Now, don't focus on what you currently think is possible - dream big, stretch your realm of possibility. You have to believe it in order to achieve it. So start imagining how things could be different. Give me all the highlights, send!

(And… a surprise will come back to you by Dec 25. Just wait.)

Here’s an opening line to get you going…

Dear Caroline,

OMG. Today is December 5, 2022 and you will NOT believe the year that I’ve had.
Let me tell you all about it. It’s going to blow your mind…

I can’t wait to read your amazing email :)


Photo from Unsplash

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