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Eating well and exercising daily is super important to me.

Not only because I'm a dietitian and like to 'practice what I preach!'
But because I know how good I feel, how much easier it is to focus and the amazing energy levels I have when I do.

Given that most women, just like you have a super-busy schedule and a million different things flying at them throughout the day, I thought I'd share with you how I do this.


1. Exercise - my exercise (favourite thing I like to do) is walk my dog. EVERY DAY. No matter what the weather is like. I check what my schedule for the following day is like the night before, then decide what time I need to get up in order to get my walk in before I start my day.
This is a non-negotiable. Knowing I'm going every day stops me listening to that inner voice that says, 'but it's....cold, raining, hot, windy etc.... today.'
I've already made the decision and know I'm going regardless.

2. Food - I meal plan EVERY WEEK. I've been doing this for so long now that it takes me only a few minutes. I was initially hesitant that I wouldn't want to stick to the plan. But I've found that meal planning saves me time and so much mental energy. I much to prefer to have it planned than rush around trying to think about what’s for dinner everyday. That just does my head in. Plus I plan meals I genuinely enjoy and cook enough at dinner so I have leftovers for lunch. So I cook once and get two (or sometimes more) meals to enjoy.
If you'd like to become an efficient meal planner, check out my Meal Planning 101 course.

So that's it. Simplify. 

How could simplifying your approach to eating and exercise benefit you?​

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Hey! I'm Caroline

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