Loving food isn't the problem, it's the solution

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So often clients tell me...

"I struggle with my weight because I just LOVE food," or
"Losing weight would be easier if I didn't love food so much."

I disagree.

I believe that genuinely loving food is the KEY to eating well and achieving weight loss.

When you truly love food, you:
- Give it your undivided attention, savouring each moment without distractions.
- Show respect by presenting it beautifully on a plate and treating it with care.
- Pay close attention, relishing every bite and taking the time to appreciate each mouthful.

​How do you think your weight could change if you really loved food?

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Hey! I'm Caroline

Dietitian & Eating Psychology Coach

Don't waste your time, destroy your energy levels or mess with your health by going on diets, restricting carbs or counting calories.

Life it to be enjoyed.

I believe you can live life AND manage your weight.

I share my thoughts on how you can do that on this blog...

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