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I used to find my hand scratching around the bottom of a large size bag of crisps thinking 'where did they all go?' more times than I care to admit.

I was able to be 'good' for a few days or weeks, only to end up eventually caving to my cravings. Often in a very big way as it would last a few days. The whole time telling myself I’d start again tomorrow.

Or Monday (whichever was further away!)

When I overate, I felt out of control around food. So naturally, I thought food was the problem.

Clearly I was addicted to it. Obsessed with it.
I didn’t trust myself around it.

I tried all the things...
Self discipline.
Self control.
Nothing worked.

I even tried abstinence.
I’d try not to buy it.
Not keep it in the house as then I couldn’t eat it.

Removing what I thought was the cause didn’t solve the problem.

Frustrated and perplexed, I was at a loss about what to do.

Then life threw me a ‘curve ball’ so to speak. My first marriage ended.
I was forced to stop. Reflect. And I saw what I didn’t like about my life.

I set about resolving what I didn’t like. I fixed my life.
And as I did, my food ‘issues’ sorted themselves out.

I was eating emotionally less often,
I was no longer thinking about food all the time.

It took me a while to realise what had happened.
But when I did, it finally dawned on me what had been going on.

If you overeat, food is not the cause. It’s not the problem.

Think about it. Food just sits there. It doesn’t beg or force you to eat it.

So willpower, self discipline, more self control, nailing the kitchen cupboards shut, locking the fridge door or abstinence are never going to help.

After decades of feeling out of control around food,
I realised the actual problem was how I was thinking about food.

When I no longer needed it to help me deal with my life,
When I no longer needed it to provide me with relief,
The overeating stopped.

Now, food is just food.

Don’t get me wrong,
I thoroughly enjoy food.

In fact I enjoy it even more now,
And I eat a lot less,
Yet I’m thoroughly satisfied.

I choose what I want,
And eat as much as I want,
I no longer feel compelled to over consume.

I’ve remained a healthy weight,
Through and post menopause,
And it’s delightful.

You can have a healthy body,
AND be at your ideal weight,
No matter what age you are.
Once you realise it’s less about WHAT you’re eating,
And more about WHY.

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