Is your inner mean girl keeping you fat?

Blog/Is your inner mean girl keeping you fat?

​"You can't..."
​"You'll never..."
​"Who do you think you are?"

​Sound familiar?

This is why despite knowing what to do, we struggle to actually do it.

It's these VOICES that get in our way.

We have inner “mean girls” who work to sabotage our efforts.
They push us off track with our eating and intentions to stay active.

From the Negotiator's tempting justifications...
To the Pessimist's bleak outlook and....
The Perfectionist's harsh critiques.
These inner voices can be intense and overwhelming.

So often we get in a back and forth argument with these voices. 

But let's face it, it's YOU against YOU. So it's a waste of time and energy since YOU can never win!

Here's a better idea...

Instead tell them, kindly but firmly:

"Zip it, I'm the BOSS. I'm doing it anyway."

By practicing this regularly, you'll feel more empowered and less frustrated, paving the way for you being able to finally do 'what you know.'

This is the success mindset you need to reach your wellness goals...


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