Don't change what you eat. Change how you THINK!

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There’s not much difference between someone who loses weight and someone who doesn’t.

Both overeat.

One person says, ‘I don’t want to do that again, I feel gross.’
The other says ‘F* it, I’ve done it now, I may as well keep going.’

Both have times when the scales don’t move.

One says ‘If I keep going I know they’ll eventually start going down.’
The other says ‘Nothing works’ and binges.

Both have stressful days where everything goes wrong.

One says ‘I need an early night as I feel exhausted.’
The other says ‘I need chocolate,’ and eats the entire block while watching tv late into the night.

Weight loss is rarely linear or perfect.
There are no special unicorns for which things are easier.
There are no hard cases where life is tougher.

The difference between those who are successful and those who aren’t
Is in how they talk to themselves.

If you tell yourself “We can figure this out…let’s try this next time,”
And expect that no matter what happens, you’ll eventually lose weight…
Would you EVER quit?

Of course not. Why would you?

But most of us don't talk to ourselves this way.
And that's why most of us quit.

Because what we say to ourselves, affects how we feel
And how we feel affects what we do. 

So instead of focusing on what is on your plate,
Start listening to your thoughts

​And if they’re not helpful, know that you CAN change them.
​Need help to do so?

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