A Different Way To Think About Weight Loss

diets don't work non diet non hungry eating thoughts weight loss Jun 26, 2021

Let me guess, you’ve tried everything and nothing works?
That’s usually what clients say when they first meet me.

Well, good. That means I don’t have to sell you on the fact that diets don’t work. Because everything you’ve tried up until now – even if it said it wasn’t – has most likely been a diet.

BTW, the definition of a diet is a way of eating where somebody else sets the rules; where you aren’t deciding what and when to eat.

The diet industry is a $66 billion industry that gets your hopes up each and every time. Then makes you feel like a loser when the latest diet, or ‘lifestyle’ as they’re often now referred to, fails. Weight loss success stats are dismal. With a less than 2% success rate, these stats prove that none of these diets really work for long-term, sustainable weight loss. Yet people continue to get conned into trying yet another one, hoping that the latest, greatest version is the magical bullet they’ve been looking for. Often this is because that’s all we know to do. As a society we don’t know of anything else. Any other alternative to dieting.

Until now.

Let me introduce a different way of thinking about losing weight. Or as I prefer to call it ‘slimming down.’

If you are overweight its because you overeat. And you most likely think that in order to stop overeating you need more willpower, more self-control; the ability to push the plate away and say ‘enough,’ or say ‘no’ to the chips, chocolate, pizza, ice-cream, biscuits, cakes, lollies or barrage of other foods you’re tempted by most days. But lack of willpower and self control aren’t ‘the problem.’

What’s actually happening is that you’re letting your brain tell you what to do, instead of you telling it. Huh?

Your brain’s busy telling you that you really must ‘clean your plate,’ or that you ‘deserve some chocolate’ or ‘a treat’ especially after the day you’ve had! You’re just obeying its commands. After all it’s your brain, so it must be the ‘right’ thing to do, right? Right?

And I know it’s not necessarily because you want to. It’s because you aren’t aware that this is what’s actually going on. All you get is the sense, the urgent desire, the compelling feeling to follow through and eat.

So you do!

But this is just a thought your brain has produced. A sentence in your head. A thought that creates unwanted desire and causes unwanted actions. Thoughts really can be that powerful. Yet at the same time be so sneaky and sound so innocent.

Here are some examples of thoughts that compel you to overeat:
– Just this once.
– It won’t matter.
– It’s such a small amount.
– I don’t do this often.
– I really like it.
– I want it.
– I should be able to eat anything I want.

Thing is, if you’re trying to slim down, ‘just this once’ adds up and eating when you’re not hungry does matter.

Next time you eat too much, or eat when you’re not hungry, start to pay attention. Not to the food. To the thought. The thought compelling you to eat. Have you ever noticed what it may be?

It may take a few times before you discover what it is. But discovering these thoughts is a good place to start if you want to get to the cause of what’s really going on, so you can slim down. Permanently.

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